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Ya Satree Ladina

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Ya Satree Ladina Woman Health Medicine

Quantity : 30 capsules per box

Manufacturer's Information: Made from traditional herbal ingredients.
It helps purify blood and maintain healthy blood for women.
LADINA is the only brand of Ya Satree, that is manufactured under 3 international quality standards:
ISO9001:2000, HACCP, GMP as well as HALAL.

Benefits :
1 Helps inject the “Phytoestrogen’ Hormone (Estrogen-like) to prevent irregular P.M.S. problem.

2. Prevent stomachache during period.

3. Detoxifying blood through menstruation.

4. Helps create nice skin and good health.`

5. Prevent symptoms caused by irregular menstruation.

How to use :

Take 1-2 capsules  After meal  3 times

Ingredients :   

 Curcuma  xanthorrhiza       280  g
 Leonurus  sibiricus             280  g
 Angelica  sinensis               280  g
 Carthamus  tinctorius         280 g
 Senna garrettiana              280  g
 Caesalpinia  sappan           280  g

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