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Bitcoin invoice payment instructions

For payment by Bitcoin, you must have a digital wallet and credit card. You can apply for an account at or We will give you an example at

Step 1 Sign up for an account at

Step 2 When you apply for a complete account. You will now have your own digital wallet for payment, receiving or sending money. You can use credit card to buy bitcoin at Buy / Sell button


Step 3 Click Send/Request button. You will see the Recipient address and amount bitcoin in the screen.


Step 4 Click  Pay invoice now button on the invoice. Please wait, the system will take you to the payout screen.

Step 5 Copying the bitcoin address and bitcoin amount you see and put it into the screen. Then click send funds.

***Fee for bitcoin Network Please enter 0.0004 BTC
It will make the transfer of bitcoin take no more than 24 hours.***


You can send money directly to our email from Our email will appear on your invoice.


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